We take our role as your strata managers very seriously.

Our Response to a recent Google Review

Dear T Bone,

In response to your review, we would like to state:

  • Your application to renovate is welcomed and encouraged however the costs to convene an additional Executive Committee Meeting  to consider approval should not be borne by the Owners Corporation. Any owner is entitled to request their application be tabled at an Annual General Meeting at no cost however, if they insist on an additional meeting being held earlier, the applicant should be responsible for the meeting fees.
  • Failure to pay your levies (for example, let say over 3 months) after the due date, despite being issued a reminder letter, being issued a letter of demand and being contacted by telephone, warrants the engagement of a debt collector. As Managing Agents, we have a responsibility to the Owners Corporation to ensure that overdue levies are pursued and as such, make no apologies for this action.
  • We have a legislative responsibility to ensure that the Owners Corporation’s funds are only utilised for repairs to common property.

Whilst you may not appreciate that minimisation of cost to the Owners Corporation is effective management, most of our clients do. Furthermore, efficient debt recovery procedures are imperative in a strata scheme to ensure consistent cash flow and allow the Owners Corporation to undertake its duties. Your allegations demonstrate our efficient management of your strata scheme and unwavering support of the Owners Corporation’s interests.

As always, you are invited to discuss your concerns with me directly by contacting me on (02) 9716 8686.

Kind regards,
Joe Conti, Principal
Conti Property Group