After Hours Emergencies.
We are here, when you need us most

Strata Emergencies | Call (02) 9716 8686

We offer an after-hours contact number, in case of emergencies, tradespersons are on hand to attend to urgent repairs that require prompt action and cannot be delayed.

The after-hours emergency service is manned by an experienced strata professional. This representative is able to determine urgent and non-urgent jobs, ensuring that the strata scheme do not have to pay after hour rates for jobs which can be referred for normal business hours.

For strata emergencies, call our office and follow the prompts (02) 9716 8686

Hearing or Speech Impairment | TTY - Dial 106

Dial 106 – This is a Text Emergency Call, NOT SMS.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment and your life or property is in danger, you can contact police, fire or ambulance on 106 directly through a TTY (also known as a teletypewriter or textphone).