Strata & Community Living Summer 2018

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When the NSW Government committed to and then finally introduced the new strata laws in 2016 one thing was missing – a reform of the community title laws.

NSW Fair Trading says that a draft Community Schemes Bill is expected to be finalised by the end of 2019.

2018 Summer Edition
2018 wrapped up
Community Titles Schemes reform
Academics encourage better rental housing reforms
New online portal for mediation
Latest scams

2018 Wrapped Up

2018 seems to have flown by but it was a year packed full of opportunity and change. Strata Community Australia (NSW) became Strata Community Association (NSW) and worked through issues such as short-term letting and combustible cladding.

Community Titles Schemes reform

A community title is by and large a housing estate or gated community and can be a mix of strata title and Torrens title properties. The community title scheme has its own by-laws which apply in addition to the by-laws of the strata title scheme making management of these complex and specialised.

Reforms proposed include:

  • Better ways to control parking
  • Developers required to set realistic levies during the initial period and after the first year
  • Allow penalties to be paid directly to schemes
  • Allow land to be added to a community or precinct scheme, providing it has been disclosed in the
    development contract
  • Allow schemes to lease additional property
  • Allow land to be added as association property or as a lot in the scheme by special resolution

Academics encourage better rental housing reforms

Academics from Universities around Australia involved in housing research have called on the NSW Government to reform current eviction proceedings arguing that without this the other reforms will have little effect.

The prospect that a “no grounds” termination notice may be given hangs over all tenancies, discouraging tenants from raising concerns with agents and landlords and undermining the legal rights otherwise provided for by their leases and the legislation.

New online portal for mediation

A new online portal specifically to mediate strata disputes was launched in October 2018.

The new Strata Mediation Portal is designed to make it quick and easy to lodge an application for assistance with a strata dispute. NSW Fair Trading says that the mediation service is free and resolves over 65% of all strata disputes. It is available to anyone who lives in, owns or works in the strata sector or in a community schemes.

Latest scams

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission operates Scamwatch where scams  can be reported as well as updates provided on the latest attempts by criminals to make us  dishonestly part with our hard earned money.

Report any suspicious activity to the police or to


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