Strata & Community Living Spring 2022

Taking steps to get your windows right will be a long-term investment. Better for the planet, and better for your bank account.

With rising energy prices, unpredictable weather patterns and growing environmental awareness, making the switch to energy efficient windows can be a simple yet highly effective way to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your home or building.

2022 Spring Edition

What to look for when changing strata managers
What are energy efficient windows?
Quarterly economic outlook
Contractors and the changing strata environment
Replacing external waterproofing


What to look for when changing strata managers

Selecting a strata manager is crucial to the efficient running of your property. To help you make this decision we have swept through best industry practice and advice to unpack the top six considerations when engaging a strata management service.

  • Experience and professionalism
  • Qualifications
  • Industry legislation knowledge
  • Service: responsiveness and availability
  • Administration and reporting
  • Communication – transparency and expectation management

What are energy efficient windows?

Our Australian summers are known for their extreme highs, and if your windows aren’t helping keep the heat out, the cost of keeping your cool is going to become increasingly painful, with predictions that energy costs could go up by 35% in 2023 alone.

Ideally you also want windows that help your home or building maximise the impact of warming winter sun, and to keep your interiors at a pleasant temperature year round.

So before you reach for the air conditioner controls, consider the benefit of choosing energy efficient glass, which can act as an extra layer of insulation and help regulate indoor temperatures, at any time of year.

Quarterly economic outlook

As we move into the final quarter of 2022, shifts in the Australian economy remain a headline issue for business leaders. With the cash rate continuing to rise, property prices falling and the all-important labour market remaining tight, we know businesses are still carefully managing through change, risk and challenge.

Macquarie Business Banking share their insights and expertise on five key themes that are important for you and your business. Senior Australian Economist at Macquarie Group, Justin Fabo, explains both the state of play and what to expect in the coming months.

Contractors and the changing strata environment

The construction industry, booming housing market and changing workplace environments are leading to millennial and gen x dominated strata schemes with different needs and requirements. How can the strata industry react to these changes and what do they need from their contractors to offer the best service possible and drive continued growth?

Replacing external waterproofing

Is replacing external waterproofing exempt development?
Individual buildings will need to obtain specialist advice to determine if these works are exempt development.

Why is it important to get planning approval?
There’s many reasons, including to avoid:

  • Substantial penalties and stop work, removal or remediation orders can be issued under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1989;
  • Stop work, removal or remediation orders under the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 can be imposed on the building practitioner;
  • The likely contractual ability of a contractor to terminate the contract; and
  • Exclusion from insurance in respect of the illegal works


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