Strata & Community Living Winter 2020

The NSW Government Public Accountability Committee Final Report, Regulation of Building Standards, Building Quality and Building Disputes, makes 22 recommendations, many advocating the adoption of measures put in place in Victoria, including establishment of a cladding rectification fund and a specialist agency to oversee such rectification.

If implemented, the recommendations would overhaul the NSW construction industry.

2020 Winter Edition

Recommendation of New Building Standards
Definitive Covid-19 Guide
Changes to Strata Schemes Management Act – 2020
Energy efficiency upgrades for householders


Recommendation of New Building Standards

The Final Report serves to highlight the “systemic issues plaguing the building and construction industry” and the “lack of regulation and oversight by the NSW Government”.

Building on the First Report, the Final Report makes a further 22 recommendations and canvases other issues, including flammable cladding and its rectification, the adequacy of private certification in protecting building standards, and the role of strata committees in circumstances where there are building defects in common property.

Broadly, the 22 recommendations fall into the following categories:

  • flammable cladding and its rectification
  • the role of the NSW Building Commission and Commissioner
  • financial assistance from the NSW Government for strata homeowners with major defects in their buildings
  • the role of private certifiers and
  • the introduction and/or progression of new legislation.

Definitive Covid-19 Guide

Over 2 million people in Australia live in strata communities that were originally designed for lifestyle, amenity, and convenience. In the wake of the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, the way we live, and work has changed.

The uncertainties facing strata managers are infinite and become magnified when exposed to the higher density challenges that we face. Buildings and communities were not designed for isolation or long-term habitation – forcing our industry to innovate, adapt and grow.

To assist, SCA (NSW) released a comprehensive COVID-19 guide for Managers, Suppliers and Owners.

Our guidelines were developed to assist building managers, committees, and residents by delivering pertinent information in a centralised source document.

 The guide can be accessed here: COVID-19 Complete Guide for Strata Managers, Strata Owners and Suppliers.

Changes to Strata Schemes Management Act – 2020

If you are offering your unit for short term letting through companies such as Airbnb and Stayz, take note of the latest legislative amendments.

Strata schemes that are looking to reduce or better manage short term lettings within their buildings will welcome a legislative reform package relating to short term lettings.

From 10 April 2020, an Owners Corporation can pass a by-law (by way of special resolution) prohibiting a lot within that strata scheme to be used for the purposes of “short-term rental accommodation” if that lot is not the principal place of residence of the lot owner.

Energy efficiency upgrades for householders

Householders and small businesses may be able to benefit from a range of energy efficiency upgrades in their homes, such as replacing downlights with LEDs. This is called the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) method.

Residential and small business upgrades are performed by businesses that are accredited under the HEER method and they may be able to provide discounted energy savings services or products to residential and small business customers.



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