Small things that matter so much

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CIRCLE OF STRENGTH. It’s so important that our family is able to lead a social and active life together. – Lynne Hannay, Isabella’s mother

Every year, the team at Conti Strata give back to their community. Monies raised from staff fundraising initiatives such as ‘Casual Fridays’, charity coffee pods and candy sales go directly towards helping those in need.

This year we were honoured to assist Isabella Hannay, a beautiful young girl with physical and mental disabilities with the purchase of a much needed ‘Air Chair’.

Donation of an Air Chair

Over the past two years Isabella has become increasingly lethargic, less able to keep herself in an upright position which makes breathing more difficult. It has become hard for Isabella’s family to include her in daily activities while also keeping her comfortable throughout the day, whether they were at home or out and about.

Isabella continues to truly touch our hearts and our team decided to present Isabella and her family with an Air Chair (Junior Paediatric Recliner). Isabella is now able to be around people all the time and, as it is approved for vehicle transport, she will be able to go outside comfortably.

It will also mean that her mum, dad and brothers will not have as many restrictions when it comes to day to day activities.

We wish the Hannay Family all the best.

Kind Words from Isabella’s Mother, Lynne

“It’s amazing what a difference a chair can make!

Towards the end of 2015 Isabella spent over 2 weeks in hospital while doctors fine-tuned her breathing support to improve her quality of life. The day she arrived home the Air Chair was delivered. The timing was perfect!

The chair is used all day, every day, in the house and out in the garden. Isabella can be sat upright when she is awake and alert or be fully reclined while she rests.

At Christmas we took the Air Chair along with us to the family lunch. Isabella was comfortable the entire day and able to interact with everyone as she was seated at the same height. It’s so important that our family is able to lead a social and active life together.

Thank you for your continued support of Isabella and the rest of our family. It really makes a difference!”