Australian Fires – A Message from Rural NSW

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A Message from Our Two Hands and the Rappville and surrounding community

To the Conti Strata family and its incredibly generous associates, we are eternally grateful for your kindness at this extremely challenging time.

Your donations to date have spread the love throughout fire and drought affected families and individuals at one of the most challenging times in their lives.

Australians helping Australians

“As of today a total of $23,135.00 has been raised, with a total of $18,024.00 of funds distributed in the form of cattle and stock feed vouchers, monetary aid provided to each person just before Christmas, a cash injection for a family who lost their access bridges in the fires and cannot access water or escape safely if another fire was to come through and the donation of a computer to an inspirational 18 year old RFS volunteer who’s computer was damaged due to fire and is beginning year 12 this year.

Between 25 struggling farmers and families devastated by fire your love has been felt throughout our community. #ourtwohands and the fire and drought affected community members up here would like to send a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who have made this possible for us to do; your act of kindness will never be forgotten.”

From Bianca, James and Our Two Hands Crew.

From Conti Strata

Thank you so much for the update Bianca. We are so happy to know that funds raised made a difference to those struggling in the community. We know there is still immense need as the drought and bush fire season continues and we hope more funds are raised to help keep farmers going and provide some relief in rebuilding. Our Two Hands is doing amazing work. We wish you, James and your crew continued strength and fortitude in all your efforts.

How you can still help

‘Our Two Hands’ is a charity set up by Rappville residents Bianca Bowman and her husband James Macdonald. Click on the photo link below to see all the good work they are doing and all that still needs to be done.

  • 1. Donate directly to Our Two Hands

    No Fees. No Fundraising Commissions.
    This account has been set up specifically to track money raised from this fundraising initiative.

    Account Name:  Our Two Hands
    Bank:  Commonwealth Bank
    BSB No:  062519
    Account No:  10269718
  • 2. Email them for a receipt

    Donations over $2 are tax deductable and receipts will be issued by ‘Our Two Hands’ by emailing them on