Let’s Support the Amazing Work of Save Our Sons


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As a father, if you saw a child was drowning what would you do? What if that child was your own? This is no different. These are the words of Elie Eid, Founder of Save Our Sons, a charity raising funds and awareness for children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).


Each year, Conti Strata is looking to somehow give back into the community by helping those in need. Throughout the year, we have been raising money for charity by doing small things such as Casual Fridays, charity coffee pods and candy sales.

This year, we were privileged to meet the team from Save Our Sons. We whole-heartedly applaud their inspiring and relentless efforts. They are ordinary people making an absolutely extraordinary difference.

We have busted open our piggy bank and are honoured to be able to donate $12,000 to Save Our Sons.

What is DMD ? 

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is an aggressive muscle degenerating condition that affects 1 in 3,500 Australian children – 99% boys.

Young boys generally show symptoms before the age of five, by the age of twelve muscle tissue has deteriorated so much they are permanently wheelchair bound. This condition spreads from the legs to the arms and neck – eventually leaving the entire body paralysed. Most of these beautiful children will not live beyond their early 20s.

Who Will Save Our Sons? Donate Today

Australia does not have a current policy for Duchenne. This means that money for research, trials, and supporting families coping with rare diseases is all raised by charities, or paid for by the families themselves.

There is a realistic hope. Scientists have found the gene associated with causing DMD and they believe there is a possibility of repairing this gene. Clinical trials are commencing and this is one of the most promising treatments.

CLICK ON THE VIDEO LINK BELOW & hear their stories …

Save Our Sons ~ Help Cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

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“All you need to do is simply link your index fingers together – this symbol creates a link.

(A link which is missing in our kids genes. The linked fingers represent unity and togetherness, as we can only beat DMD by working together. One finger represents the people, supporters and fundraisers, while the other finger represents all children with DMD.)

SNAP a photo of you making the linked finger salute in front of a monument, at a sporting event or with a celebrity… Anywhere and Everywhere!

SHARE it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Intagram etc) and ask everyone to do the same! – #Link4DMD

Your support and influence can make an enormous difference, more than you could ever imagine – please, our kids don’t have too long. We need to act no.”

Could you please lend us your time and SNAP, SHARE, SHOW YOU CARE! #Link4DMD

Thank you for your Support! | Elie Eid | Founder Save Our Sons

About Save Our Sons. Two Mates. One Huge Heart.

From humble and ordinary beginnings, the Save Our Sons charity was founded by two Sydney mates, Elie Eid and Bass Abboud. Everything changed with the birth of Elie’s beautiful son Emilio who was diagnosed with DMD. For the Eid family, the world seemed to stop that day.

With love and courage, Emilio’s parents still refuse to give up. This is not a form of denial or even blind faith but a story of determination where every day Emilio’s parents are fighting for their son’s life, just like the countless and heroic carers of children who have DMD.

Elie explains what he’s doing by asking a question. “As a father if you saw a child was drowning what would you do? What if that child was your own? This is no different.” If he can save Emilio, then all the other children who have DMD will be saved too.

And as for Bass, let’s just say that he’s a top mate – he fiercely refuses to give up.

Save Our Sons has gathered many friends along the way. Join them and support the children. Together, we all refuse to give up.

You can read an excellent article about their personal story

READ MORE | Impossible Is An Excuse | gwpmagazine.com.au | Adrian Payne


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Let's Support the Amazing Work of Save Our Sons

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